Prototype Local Labor Network Developed

Date Item Listed: Monday, 26 February 2018

The Local Labour Network Prototype has been setup to facilitate the establishment and operation of websites for Local Labor Party branches. This network provides an easy way to setup a website for your Labor Party Branch within this exiting framework, without the overheads of registering a domain name or paying for access commercial website hosting systems.

Over the coming months we will be rolloing out a number of Local Labor Branch Websites to check the operation of the system.

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14/06/2019 11:33 PM
Mr Bernard Vaughan

I am a retired ex-nurse with an interest in politics.  I am in Crescent Head and I know about the local South West Rocks branch, but in regional terms it is a forty five minute drive from our area.  I have noticed a almost non-existent presence of Labor representatives in the Cowper electorate that needs to be addressed.  I thought that forming a local minded Labor group might stimulate some grass roots organisations in the area.  I wondered if you might support this endeavour.
Yours truly,
Bernard Vaughan